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The Mill

Entrepreneurship Center at SLCC

The Mill Entrepreneurship Center provides space, education, professional networking, and access to resources for individuals wanting to start a small business or grow an existing one.

Get involved

Community development is a community effort, and it is only as strong as its members. For Magna Main Street to actualize its potential, its stakeholders need to be engaged in the process of revitalization. Being involved means attending meetings, offering insights, making suggestions, and being active in the community. Business owners, landowners, and residents of Magna are all encouraged to get involved. If you're interested in seeing Magna Main Street prosper, please complete the form below to be added to our email distribution list. Once added, you'll receive email notifications about group meetings, community events, project updates, and more.

Currently under consideration is a "gateway billboard" on SR-201 that would help bring publicity to Magna Main Street. The idea is to promote Magna Main Street by bringing awareness to the area's businesses and attractions with the goal of increasing consumer traffic in the area. The billboard would split time between advertising local Main Street businesses and advertising for paying customers in the private sector. Typically, agreements can be made with billboard companies to fund these types of projects in exchange for incentives, such as real estate grants.


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